Historical background

From the lead foundry to the distribution of plastic seals

Everything starts in 1929.
DEJOIE company based its production on lead, especially on lead seals. Second World War generated a shortage on raw material which compels the company to develop towards aluminium which supply remains steady. In 1952, DEJOIE won a supply bid for LA POSTE (ex PTT) and becomes the French manufacturer for aluminium mail boxes. At the same time, the company develops its activity on metallic and plastic seals through products adapted to the market, and becomes one of the main leaders on the sector.

A few dates that make our history

1929: Birth of DEJOIE and Cie, specialized in lead

1939-1945: Beginning of the manufacturing of aluminium foundry parts

1949: DEJOIE supplies the first mail boxes to the French Post

1989: DEJOIE becomes the subsidiary of LEMER group, lead foundry

1995: Lead seals manufacturing is relocated at LEMER, last French manufacturer.

2001: DEJOIE gets the ISO 9001 version 2008 certification.

2016: DEJOiE updates its certification ISO 9001 version 2015.