Temperature recorder

Enregistreur de température

The temperature recorder is a single use to facilitate the management of the cold chain. It is designed to ensure the monitoring and traceability of a temperature during storage and transport of goods such as food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

With dimensions 69 X 33 X 5 mm and a compact design, light and waterproof thanks to its plastic packaging (IP67).

There is 1 recording every 10 minutes, for a memory capacity of 10,000 records over a period of 60 days.  Its accuracy is ± 0.5°C from -20°C to +40°C; and ± 1°C beyond.

A visual temperature alarm appears at > 8°C or > 2°C with a flashing red LED.

The data logger appears as a mass storage device when connected to a PC.


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Transport and Logistics
Food industry

Technical characteristics

- 30°C à + 60°C