A new way to identify and protect !

Anti-fraud labels offer the possibility to identify and protect your merchandise.

There are two types of labels: 


  •  The label with transfer:

The message " OPEN VOID " appears on the support and on the label when it is removed.


  • The label without transfer :

The surface of the support remains clean, but a message " OPEN VOID " appears directly on the label when it is peeled off.


Three possible sizes:  

- 60 X 20 mm 
- 100 X 30 mm 
- 60 X 20 + 20 X 20 mm.


They can be personalized with a text, a numbering or a logo.

Find the technical data sheets : Anti-fraud labels without transfer and Label with transfer 


We remain at your disposal for any further information.


The Dejoie team